Exams, Stress & Psoriasis

Stress is known to be a common trigger for a psoriasis flare-up, and any form of stress will cause my psoriasis to break out. Last year, when I was finishing off my undergraduate degree, my skin went through its worst due to the stress of final exams and assignments. I have spent the last threeContinue reading “Exams, Stress & Psoriasis”

Summer Legs

The Magic of Make-up… As a result of suffering from severe psoriasis, I have scarred and pigmented skin (aka ‘psoriasis shadows’) from all the treatments I have used over the years. For a long while, I have really struggled with the whole “confidence thing”, especially when it comes having my legs out during the summer months or onContinue reading “Summer Legs”

My Summer Top Tips

So here are 5 of my summer top tips: 1. Wear comfortable clothing made of soft, natural fibres such as cotton. So clothing that is less likely to make you itch and also loose clothing, to reduce irritation. I think my biggest advice for the summer is wear what makes you comfortable. I know many people have issuesContinue reading “My Summer Top Tips”