Summer Legs

The Magic of Make-up…IMG_7329.JPG

As a result of suffering from severe psoriasis, I have scarred and pigmented skin (aka ‘psoriasis shadows’) from all the treatments I have used over the years. For a long while, I have really struggled with the whole “confidence thing”, especially when it comes having my legs out during the summer months or on nights out. I would walk through shops, thinking ‘I wish I could wear that dress’ or see other girls wearing dresses and skirts, looking so carefree and always thinking ‘I wish I could just walk out the house in a dress, not have to worry about my skin’.

Anyways, to cut the story short, I recently invested in a bottle of Sally Hansen Leg Makeup after reading lots of reviews online,  and I’m actually really amazed at the wonders it has done for me. For the first time in so many years, I have been confident enough to wear a dress and walk out the house without being paranoid about my legs. It doesn’t guarantee you full coverage, but does give a nice layer, blurring out the pigmentation and scars, so they’re not as noticeable. I have been using the medium glow shade.

So if you have been struggling to cover your scars/pigmented skin, I highly recommend this product. Also, the directions on the bottle suggest that you spray it into your hands, then rub it evenly onto your legs. However, that didn’t really give me good coverage when I applied it like that, so instead I sprayed it directly onto my legs, and then blended it out evenly. The picture below shows the difference with and without the spray applied.

Left: with Sally Hansen leg makeup. Right: without makeup

How I’ve been treating my Psoriasis

The questions I commonly get asked are:

  • How have I treated my Psoriasis?
  • What I’ve been using to calm down my Psoriasis?
  • How am I maintaining my Psoriasis?

Basically the answers to these questions are these magical products!

Aloe Vera Gelly, Aloe Propolis Creme, Forever Aloe Vera Gel

I’ve done a blog on this before when I first started blogging [The Wonders of Aloe Vera], but recently quite a few people have been asking me how I’ve been treating my Psoriasis, so thought I’d make a quick blog post on it.

I wasn’t really a fan of ‘home remedies’ for my psoriasis. But these products have done wonders for my skin!

My regime:

  • Drink aloe vera gel 60ml 2x a day. First thing in the morning and in the evening before dinner (ie. ideally on an empty stomach)
  • Apply aloe vera gel after showering
  • Apply aloe propolis creme as often as possible throughout the day (at least twice a day)

My psoriasis cleared up after 7 months of using these products, and I haven’t touched my steroid ointments since! xx

My results after 7 months of using the products.

A Quick Q&A

Q. How long have you had psoriasis for?
A. About 14 years. Its been a major part of my life

Q. What treatments have you used?
A. I have tried a range of treatments since being diagnosed with Psoriasis. Mainly a mix of steroid ointments, but I have taken light therapy before. Also tried different home remedies and herbal treatments.

Q. Have I used biologics?
A. No I haven’t. I don’t feel I’ve been at a point where I have wanted to turn to that as an option.

Q. What affects your flare-ups?
A. Stress and winter/the cold. Many people say certain foods affect their skin, but I haven’t really noticed any patterns associated with my diet.

Q. How does Psoriasis makes you feel?
A. So many emotions and feelings – angry, annoyed, upset, frustrated, embarrassed, stressed, depressed

Q. What helps dealing with these emotions?
A. Talking to someone and being open about my condition

Q. Where does it affect you?
A. At its worse- everywhere! Including my face, scalp and nails. But at the moment only have psoriasis on my elbows, knees and nails. The severity of my psoriasis fluctuates from being clear to being completely covered in plaques and scales.

Q. How are you keeping your skin so clear?
A. I started using Forever’s Aloe Vera products – drinking aloe vera gel and applying their gels and creams. I’m not really one to believe in home remedies and non-medicinal products, but I was so fed up of steroid ointments only temporarily working and I saw many success stories for psoriasis from using these products, so I decided to give it a go, and its been the best solution for my skin so far. And I just maintain my skin by using my prescribed ointments when I desperately need to.

Q. Do I have Psoriatic arthritis as well?
A. No I don’t (touch wood!)