10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Living with the condition psoriasis doesn’t come with a manual. It takes time to learn and understand how your psoriasis works and what is best for you through ‘trial and error’. It took me a long time to figure out what works well for my psoriasis and what doesn’t, and to be honest even after having the condition for 14 years, I am still educating myself about my psoriasis.

In a guest post for LEO Pharma, I talk about the 10 things I wish someone had told me about psoriasis. Click on the link below to have a read! 🙂 xx

Psoriasis- 10 things I wish someone had told me


A Quick Q&A

Q. How long have you had psoriasis for?
A. About 14 years. Its been a major part of my life

Q. What treatments have you used?
A. I have tried a range of treatments since being diagnosed with Psoriasis. Mainly a mix of steroid ointments, but I have taken light therapy before. Also tried different home remedies and herbal treatments.

Q. Have I used biologics?
A. No I haven’t. I don’t feel I’ve been at a point where I have wanted to turn to that as an option.

Q. What affects your flare-ups?
A. Stress and winter/the cold. Many people say certain foods affect their skin, but I haven’t really noticed any patterns associated with my diet.

Q. How does Psoriasis makes you feel?
A. So many emotions and feelings – angry, annoyed, upset, frustrated, embarrassed, stressed, depressed

Q. What helps dealing with these emotions?
A. Talking to someone and being open about my condition

Q. Where does it affect you?
A. At its worse- everywhere! Including my face, scalp and nails. But at the moment only have psoriasis on my elbows, knees and nails. The severity of my psoriasis fluctuates from being clear to being completely covered in plaques and scales.

Q. How are you keeping your skin so clear?
A. I started using Forever’s Aloe Vera products – drinking aloe vera gel and applying their gels and creams. I’m not really one to believe in home remedies and non-medicinal products, but I was so fed up of steroid ointments only temporarily working and I saw many success stories for psoriasis from using these products, so I decided to give it a go, and its been the best solution for my skin so far. And I just maintain my skin by using my prescribed ointments when I desperately need to.

Q. Do I have Psoriatic arthritis as well?
A. No I don’t (touch wood!)

I’ve been itching to say…

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a great New Year!

I don’t know if this is the same for everyone else, but the winter is usually the worse time of the year for my skin, but surprisingly this winter I’ve had no flare-ups. Touch wood!!!

However, I’ve still been getting the itchy sensation, especially on my arms. Can’t seem to stop scratching! I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced/experiencing this too? I don’t think the winter jumper are helping to reduce the itching either!

I’d love to hear from you guys. You can Tweet, Facebook or email me – contact details are on my blog! 🙂 xx

The Changes

 Hello all!

I just wanted to make a quick post, sharing a few simple changes that I have made over the past 9 months, which seem to be keeping my Pso under control.

  1. So the first one has definitely got to be controlling my stress levels. Stress is my biggest trigger and I always used to let stress get to me, which just results in nothing but outbreaks! I still definitely stress, especially with university, but I have now learnt to control it better than I used to and keep it to a minimum.
  1. I’m a lot more open about my Pso now, which I feel has helped my skin clear up, as I’m no longer stressing about what people think, about being judged, hiding it or avoiding having conversations about my Pso and that has also helped boost my confidence levels.
  1. Diet! I’ve been increasing my intake of anti-inflammatory foods, such as lots of different veg, leafy greens, avocadoes, fish and many more! And a lot of green teas too!
  1. I use natural products as often and as much as I can. So this means all my creams, soaps, shampoos and conditioners. And still using my aloe vera products too (mentioned in my earlier blogs). Even using aloe straight from the plant!
  1. Just generally being an overall happier person! 😀 xx