Coping with your mental health

Yes I’m back! And wowww it’s been a LONG time. Seeing as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week – a campaign hosted by Mental Health Foundation, with the theme being Body Image this year, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a quick comeback post. So seeing as I’ve not been on theContinue reading “Coping with your mental health”

Building Your Confidence

Written in partnership with LEO Pharma It’s easy to let psoriasis take your confidence, and that’s me talking from experience. I’ve had a long battle with my confidence throughout my psoriasis journey.  Confidence isn’t something that comes to me naturally. I’ve definitely had to work hard on it throughout my years with psoriasis. I meanContinue reading “Building Your Confidence”

Exams, Stress & Psoriasis

Stress is known to be a common trigger for a psoriasis flare-up, and any form of stress will cause my psoriasis to break out. Last year, when I was finishing off my undergraduate degree, my skin went through its worst due to the stress of final exams and assignments. I have spent the last threeContinue reading “Exams, Stress & Psoriasis”