Coping with your mental health

Yes I’m back! And wowww it’s been a LONG time. Seeing as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week – a campaign hosted by Mental Health Foundation, with the theme being Body Image this year, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a quick comeback post.

So seeing as I’ve not been on the blogging scene for a while, as a quick update, I’ve had psoriasis since I was 6 years old and believe me, it’s an on-going rollercoaster of a journey – physically, mentally and emotionally. And it’s only recently that I’ve started to feel more confident in my skin (something that doesn’t come easy to me). But it’s a condition that comes with a life-long damage to your mental health.

My mental health fluctuates and when it’s at its peak, these are some of my coping mechanisms:

1. Deactivating/stop using my social media accounts

I definitely feel that social media is the biggest contributor to my mental health. So I take that pressure away by limiting myself to my accounts. Stupid, I know. But its something that works really well for me. So if you see me disappear, you know why!

2. Let yourself feel down

This is really important too. I kind of just let myself flow with the negative vibes to get it out of my system. For me, it doesn’t work by brushing things under the carpet and trying to push myself out of that zone.

3. Let your family and friends know the mind space you’re in

Usually I’ll just drop my friends a message to say that I need a bit of space. And they’re quite understanding of my situation and leave me to do my thing

4. Get involved with the psoriasis network or talk to a ‘psoriasis friend’

Because more often than not, they know what you are going through, and they understand the highs and the lows, and the insecurities you’re probably feeling. Even though I can talk to my friends and family about it, they will never completely understand it like the ‘pso’ family.

5. Do things that will let you escape

So three things work for me: going to the gym, going for a walk and reading. These things let me escape for a little while, so I’m not focussing on the negatives and insecurities that I’m going through.

That’s it really. Just 5 little things. It’s just little things like that that will make a difference. And take baby steps and all the time that you need.


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