My Summer Top Tips

So here are 5 of my summer top tips:

1. Wear comfortable clothing made of soft, natural fibres such as cotton. So clothing that is less likely to make you itch and also loose clothing, to reduce irritation.

I think my biggest advice for the summer is wear what makes you comfortable. I know many people have issues or are uncomfortable showing more skin during the summer and I certainly used to be and sometimes still am. So definitely don’t wear something that makes you feel insecure.

I’m quite comfortable having my arms out, so that’s not a problem, but having my legs out is still a big no no, so I stick to maxi skirts/dresses on hot days, that way I’m still with the summer fashion, but also wearing something I feel comfortable and secure in.

2. I find chlorine water helps my psoriasis. So I usually go swimming during the summer.

Some people may find that chlorine helps their psoriasis, others may find it makes theirs worse, or some may even see no difference.

I think swimming also helps me de-stress, which is why I’ve also noticed it makes my psoriasis better.

3. Soak up some UV rays! I think every psoriasis sufferer has been told that the sunlight is good for their psoriasis. Even if its just 10-15 minutes, it’ll do wonders for your psoriasis.

(Exactly how much sunlight you should/can take should be discussed with your doctor)

Obviously don’t take too much sunlight, as that can cause your psoriasis to get worse.

4. Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated. Extremely important during the summer.

5. Keep moisturising as much and as often as you can


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