Confidence in the Summer…

Well it’s that time of the year in the UK that most psoriasis sufferers hate… SUMMER! As I was growing up I always dreaded summer, as it meant I could no longer hide behind long-sleeves!

I personally used to find summer a battle, because I liked sitting out in the sun and I knew the sun was good for my skin but then I would go through phases where I would feel really insecure about having my skin on show.

I struggled with my confidence as a child. But as I have gotten older it’s become slightly easier with the whole confidence thing during summer. I think I just got to a point where I got fed up of having my arms covered and wearing long-sleeves. One day I just decided to go out shopping in a t-shirt. I was scared at the reactions and stares I would get, but I was committed to do this and get out there. At first I did feel uncomfortable and petrified, but once I was out and about and doing my thing I completely forgot about it and I realised that no one was even paying any attention to my skin. And I think from that point onwards my confidence slowly started coming back. Someone once told me that instead of focusing on the people who notice and stare at your skin, focus on the people who haven’t noticed, and you’ll realise there’s actually a lot of people who don’t actually care or look.

I have come a long way with my confidence and now I enjoy summer a lot more now than I used to. I guess it’s hard to understand where I’m coming from if you don’t have psoriasis or any other skin disorder. And I know this probably sounds stupid to a lot of people, but simple things such as being able to wear a t-shirt and have my arms out means so much to me and the feeling is so indescribable.

However, even though I have come a long way with my confidence, a little part of me is always going to be fragile and insecure. I can’t remember the last time I wore a short dress, skirt or had my legs out in any way, due to the scarring I am left with on my legs. I do walk through shops and see loads of cute summery outfits and think, “I wish I could wear that”. But I won’t give up the fight!

Beauty is not skin deep. Psoriasis is not going to shine, personality is.


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