The Wonders of Aloe Vera

Hello again! As I have mentioned in my previous blogs I suffered from a severe outbreak earlier this year. I have always used steroid ointments prescribed by the doctors to treat my psoriasis, but only found this to be effective to an extent and a short term solution as the psoriasis comes running back as soon as I stop using them, and I’m back to square one!

So this is a quick blog just talking about what I have been using to get my skin under control again.

I have always heard loads of things about aloe vera and how amazing the healing properties of aloe vera are. Not only for psoriasis but for many other skin conditions too. So I did some research online and read lots of testimonials from other psoriasis sufferers using Forevers Aloe Vera drinking gel to treat their skin, so I thought why not give it a try?

The Forever Products I use:

  • Forever Aloe Vera Gel
  • Aloe Vera Gelly
  • Aloe Propolis Crème
  • Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner
The Forever Aloe products that work wonders for psoriasis
The Forever Aloe Vera products

I drink 120 ml of the aloe vera gel every day, 60ml first thing in the morning and another 60ml in the evening before dinner and I apply the aloe vera gelly daily after showering and the aloe propolis crème atleast 2 times a day. I have been using these products for 5 months now and my skin has and continues to improve.

A word of warning! A week into using these products I did notice my psoriasis getting worse and redder. But that is actually a sign of the aloe working. It is hard but you just have to stick at it, because the end results are definitely worth it! As time went on I saw slight changes, but didn’t actually see a drastic change in my psoriasis until a good 3-4 months of using the products, and 5 months on my psoriasis is speedily improving. Also, the aloe-jojoba shampoo and conditioner is amazing for scalp psoriasis. I suffered badly from psoriasis along my hairlines, and now my scalp is completely psoriasis-free!

Below is an image of the progression of my skin throughout the time I have been using Forever Aloe products:

The progress of my skin. The first image of my arm was taken in February and the last image was taken at the end of April.
The progress of my skin. The first image of my arm was taken in February (2015) and the last image was taken at the end of April (2015).
My arm now, 90% free from psoriasis.
My arm now, 90% free from psoriasis.

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