My top tips for Psoriasis

1. Moisturise as much and as often as you can! It is so important to moisturise your psoriasis. Moisturising will reduce flakiness, itchiness and redness as well as help to heal your skin. Find a cream/ointment that you find is working, this may take some time. Personally, I suggest using more natural products so it does not irritate your skin. I like to give my skin a natural balance, giving it a break from the steroid ointments and creams I use, because as us, psoriasis sufferers, all know unfortunately they’re only a short term fix!.

I will talk more about what products have/are working for me and my psoriasis in my upcoming blogs.

2. Try not to pick and scratch! Keep finger nails short if you can. I know that can be asking for a lot and I know how tempting it is to scratch!! Literally makes you go crazy!! But it is only going to make your skin worse.

3. Have lukewarm showers and bathes. Hot water can irritate your skin. I find that hot water makes my skin very red. Possibly add dead sea salts to your bathes. This helps reduce the itchy sensation and also exfoliates your skin, getting rid of the dead skin cells. Remember to moisture straight after.

4. Try to keep stress levels to a minimum. I am probably the worse person to tell you not to stress because I deal with my stress very poorly! But lately I have been trying different techniques to reduce my stress. Do a little research and find ways and techniques that may help you reduce your stress. For me, I have found that going out for walks and getting some fresh air helps me.

5. Maintain a healthy diet, with lots of fruit and veg. I know there is more to diet and psoriasis, and, again, I will talk about that in my upcoming blogs.

6. The very obvious one- drink as much water as you can.


One thought on “My top tips for Psoriasis

  1. I take 500ml of freshly juiced carrots every day after 4 to 5 weeks all gone but you will have to take the juice for rest of your life . I also had psoriasis

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