Building Your Confidence

Written in partnership with LEO Pharma It’s easy to let psoriasis take your confidence, and that’s me talking from experience. I’ve had a long battle with my confidence throughout my psoriasis journey.  Confidence isn’t something that comes to me naturally. I’ve definitely had to work hard on it throughout my years with psoriasis. I mean I have worked hard to get to where I have … Continue reading Building Your Confidence

Facial Psoriasis

By far, facial psoriasis has been the most difficult and frustrating to deal with. Because it’s on your face – everyone can see it!! Not only do you have to understand it like the psoriasis anywhere else on your body, but you also have to learn how it’ll behave with different make up and facial products. You’re also very limited to the products you can use … Continue reading Facial Psoriasis

Exams, Stress & Psoriasis

Stress is known to be a common trigger for a psoriasis flare-up, and any form of stress will cause my psoriasis to break out. Last year, when I was finishing off my undergraduate degree, my skin went through its worst due to the stress of final exams and assignments. I have spent the last three months writing up my Masters thesis and this time round, … Continue reading Exams, Stress & Psoriasis

Summer Legs

The Magic of Make-up… As a result of suffering from severe psoriasis, I have scarred and pigmented skin (aka ‘psoriasis shadows’) from all the treatments I have used over the years. For a long while, I have really struggled with the whole “confidence thing”, especially when it comes having my legs out during the summer months or on nights out. I would walk through shops, thinking ‘I wish … Continue reading Summer Legs

How I’ve been treating my Psoriasis

The questions I commonly get asked are: How have I treated my Psoriasis? What I’ve been using to calm down my Psoriasis? How am I maintaining my Psoriasis? Basically the answers to these questions are these magical products! I’ve done a blog on this before when I first started blogging [The Wonders of Aloe Vera], but recently quite a few people have been asking me … Continue reading How I’ve been treating my Psoriasis